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Bosch EPS 205

Bosch EPS 205
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Model: EPS 205
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Compact tester for conventional and common rail injectors. Based on automatic test procedures the EPS 205 detects faulty injectors and concludes whether the tested injectors can be used in future or not.

Testable injectors

  • Solenoid valve CRI: Bosch and 3rd party (Denso, Delphi)
  • Solenoid valve CRIN: Bosch
  • Piezo CRI: Bosch and 3rd party (Denso, Siemens)
  • Unit injector (UI-P and UI-N) nozzles, via adapters: Bosch
  • Nozzle holder assembly: Bosch and 3rd party

1. Glossary:

2. CRI = Common Rail Injector

3. CRIN = Common Rail Injector for Truck and Heavy Duty Vehicles

4. UI-P = Unit Injector Passenger Vehicles

5. UI-N = Unit Injector heavy Duty Vehicles

  • Complete testing of CRI & CRIN up to 180 MPa (reduced test procedure)
  • Innovative Piezo injector testing
  • Universal clamping device and injection chamber (for CRI/CRIN and nozzle holder)
  • High precision due to accurate measurement technology
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Test values for 3rd party injectors are available
  • Easy handling of protective hood (example: CRIN)
  • Integrated database for saving test values and customer data
  • High quality injectors inside example: Bosch CP3 High pressure fuel pump provides high pressure needed for all test procedures
  • Touch-screen display (keyboard available as option)


  • EPS 205 is not approved for repair or warranty assessment of common rail injectors
  • Test data for Bosch components can be obtained with CD Test Data Bosch
  • RefDat ( produces test values for 3rd party injectors (Denso, Delphi and Siemens). The data provider is responsible for the accuracy of external data. Robert Bosch GmbH does not assume any liability for the test sequence and data.

Part numbers:
EPS 205 (400V) 0 683 803 205

EPS 205 (400V) + 3rd party CRI solenoid + 3rd party CRI Priezo (0 683 803 205), 1 687 010 399), (1 687 010 400)

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