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Dolphin Pro 2 T TOP Fully Loaded Package

Dolphin Pro 2 T TOP Fully Loaded Package
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Price: $699.00
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Model: Dolphin Pro 2 T TOP
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The T Top is designed for the mid to large size centre console fishing boat. Will fit consoles up to 47 inches wide. Being the original designer of this awesome Shape we love it and so will you. With a great blend of curves and weight this T Top will blend with any boat on the market.

The 2inch UV resist black coated main frames will be locked into your console with our 4 x standoffs for extra strength and stability. The support standoff arms will connect from either the horizontal or vertical frame through the side of your center console.

Standard features are the large grab handles and the pivoting folding system. The main frame has a clean looking pivoting system which allows you to fold the boat t tops forward. The top cover frame can folded in half again to have the cover in the lowest possible position to store you boat under cover.

Another unique system that dolphin boat t tops has is the removable cover. We are the only brand with the easy zipper and velcro construction.  There is no time wasted with annoying bungee cord, weaving in out of holes.  You can remove the boat t top cover in seconds for safe storage whilst travelling down highway. This only will save you money at the fuel station and  cleaning is a breeze.

The Boat T Top Materials

The material cover is made from VIII grade UV resist Acrylic. The main frame is a 2inch seamless thick walled 6063 aluminium frame.  So you know the frame of the boat t top is light and solid to take the pounding of the swell. All our weld and bends are handcrafted by the best craftsmen in the business. The fitting are cnc machined from solid 6061 aluminium.  The frames are UV resist black coated for easy care and protection. All the hardware is 316 stainless steel, we recommend that you do service you bolts with a clear protection spray and check them for oxidation between the stainless and alloy over time.

To create high quality crafted products we source and use the best raw materials and craftsmans in our factory. As this is how we have created our reputation as one of the best aftermarket boat t tops in the world.

Handy Dimensions of the T Top.

It stands 85 inches high
Adjustable up to 47 inches wide consoles
The cover is 82 inches long x 61 inches wide.
Distance between mounting feet Front to rear is 28 inches center to center.

Installing the T Top on your boat

You are supplied with stand offs for extra strength. When you install the standoffs you can cut and adjust to suit your exact requirements for that factory fit. Mounting to the floor of you boat through 4 solid welded deck feet. We recommend that you check the flooring can take and hold the boat t top correct.  Check to see if you need extra support or strengthening to your flooring.

We recommend you use the backing plates for secure installation on a flat surface. Ensure the structure of the floor and underneath is strong and suitable for attaching the center console boat t top before you purchase. If you are in doubt have a professional from your local boat dealer install the boat t top for you.

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