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Futaba 9C Super 9CHP/9CAP Radio Systems

 Futaba 9C Super 9CHP/9CAP Radio Systems
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Price: $380.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 9CHP/9CAP
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Futaba 9C Super 2.4GHz 9ch Transmitter & R608FS (8 channels) Receiver w/ Tx & Rx Batteries
NEW 2.4Ghz Combo!

You may control your airplanes, helis and gliders all with this single 2.4Ghz radio system!
The software is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Combination of 9C Super Transmitter and TM-8 2.4Ghz Tx & Rx modules! The most cost effective solution for your need!

More than any other radio, the 9C Super addresses the particular needs of glider pilots, with significant upgrades that make it the finest sailplane system you can buy. And with more memory, more functions AND more flexibility for controlling all types of R/C aircraft the 9C Super is the complete radio package for the advanced aeromodeler!

Maximum 18 Model Memory

  • Memory has been expanded to 12 models, and the optional 16K CAMPac module adds another six models — bringing the total up to 18.

A three-function timer, all on one screen

  • Can be utilized as an up timer or down timer to keep track of total flying time (hours/minutes) for a particular model — and can be programmed to any of the switches, the power switch or the throttle stick.

One transmitter for all three modes

  • The 9C Super offers you the functions and programs for airplanes, helis and gliders — all in one convenient controller.

Enhancements to all three modes!

Glider Mode

  • In addition to the Basic offset trim, the 9C Super offers three other offsets (launch, thermal and speed), with camber that can be customized for each.
  • The four camber mixes can be set up on one screen and programmed to any of the variable dials.
  • Besides setup ease, the glider mode boasts much more built-in flexibility.
  • A new G2F-C mix has been added to the G1FLP and G2FLP mixes.

Airplane Mode

  • The Air Brake is now switch-selectable.
  • The gyro system can be set up for 2-rate (up/down) or 3-rate (up/center/down) with the GYA gyros. It can also be programmed to any switch for normal or AVCS modes.
  • Both the Airplane and Glider Modes feature 7 programmable mixes: 5 linear mixes and two 5-point curves.

Helicopter Mode

  • 5-point Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve now feature a delay that makes for a smoother transition from hover to idle-up and better control.
  • The throttle hold and idle-up can be assigned to any switch that feels more comfortable for the pilot.
  • Hi/Low Pitch can be utilized to adjust the curves on the high side and low side for each flight condition.
  • Choose from six heli mixes: SWH1, SWH2, SR3, SN3, SWH4 and the new SWH3, along with two linear circuits and one 5-point curve.


Combo Includes:

  • 9CHP or 9CAP Super Transmitter
  • R608FS 8ch Receiver
  • TM-8 2.4GHz RF Synthesized Module (5-pin)
  • Wall Charger FBC-18C(4) or compatible charger (220V by default, 110V by request)
  • 700mAh Transmitter Battery NT8S700B
  • 1000mAh Receiver NiCD Rechargable Battery NR-4RB
  • On/Off Switch Harness, FUTM4385

Specification for Transmitter T9C Super:
Operating System: 2-Stick, 9-channel, PCM1024
Modulation: 2.4Ghz (default) / FM(PPM) or PCM Switchable
Power supply: 9.6 volts, NT8S700B included
Current Drain: 280m
Length: 2.56: (65mm)
Width: 1.42" (36mm)
Height: 0.85" (21.5mm)
Weight: 1.42 oz (40.3g)

Standard Wall Charger:
Input: 220V AC 50Hz 7W (default)
    or input: 120V AC 60Hz 7W (by request)
Output: TX 9.6VDC 70mA
RX 4.8VDC 100mA

R608FS Receiver (FUTL8952):
Length: 1.8" (45mm)
Height: 0.5" (12.7mm)
Width: 0.9" (22mm)
Power Requirement: 4.8V or 6V

COMMENTS: The 9C Super differs from the standard 9C in that the Super's glider mode offers three offsets that can be customized, launch, thermal, and speed with camber. The four camber mixes can be set up on on screen and programmed to any of the variable dials. The Airplane Mode offers a selectable switch using channels 5, 7, and 8. All can be set up as a 2-rate (up or down) or a 3-rate (up/center/down) and a gyro gain menu. The Heli Mode offers throttle and pitch curve delay for smoother transition from hover to idle-up. The throttle hold and idle up can be assigned to any switch.

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